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9.Sınıf İngilizce 2.Dönem 3.Yazılı Soruları

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Bu sayfamızda 9.Sınıf İngilizce 2.Dönem 3.Yazılı Sorularını bulabilirsiniz.


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Read the following two paragraphs and answer the questions.

Richard Here is now a well-known actor. He first started acting in 1970. He acted in small parts in second rate films, then. It was in 1980 that he won worldwide popularity with his leading role in “Pretty Girl”
Richard will be starting to act in a new film soon. He signed the contract only yesterday. The film will be shot in a natural environment in Montana in the USA. However,he doesn`t mind this as he will be able to see his brother who lives there.
Write full sentences.

1: How long has he been famous?
A::___________________________ __
2:What where his first acting roles like?
A:____________________________ ___
3:When did he get his first major film role?
A:____________________________ ____
4:What was his first big film?
A:____________________________ ____
5:Where will his new film be made?
A:____________________________ ____
6:Will his new film be made in a city in the U.S.A?.
A_____________________________ ________:
7:Where does Gere`s brother live?
A: ______________________________ _______
8:When did he sign the contract for his new film?
A: ______________________________ _____

B-Fill in the blanks with ‘’since’’ or ‘’for’’.(4*1=4)

1.She has eaten any chocolate ………… she started her diet.
2.I have no idea about the earthquake as I haven’t watched TV …………. two hours.
3.She hasn’t gone to school ………….. two months because of her poor tooth.
4.Sude has felt a great desire to be a doctor ………………. she began high school.

C: Put the verbs into the correct form: present perfect or past simple
1)Her hair is short now. She has _____ a haircut.(have)
2)He doesn`t have a car now. He ______ it yesterday. (sell)
3)He _______a car two years ago. He has _______
4)it for two years. (buy/have)
5)He ________ to America. He _______ there two years ago. (be/go)
6)I ______ to Istanbul five years ago. I _______ here for five years. (come/be)
7)I _______at six o`clock.I __________ here for two hours. (arrive/be)

D-Correct the mistakes.(5*2=10)

1.A Rolls-Royce is one of expensive cars you can buy.

______________________________ _____________

2.Barbara is 27 years old. Her brother is 23 years old. Barbara is the oldest.

______________________________ ______________

3.The hotel is the cheapest than I expected.

______________________________ ______________

4.It is the warmest today than yesterday.

______________________________ ______________

5.I’m quite tall but you are taller. I’m not as taller as you.

______________________________ _____________
E-Willor going to?(10*1=10)
Fill the gaps with the correct form of willor going to

1.“I hear Brian is giving up work.”
“Yes. He was accepted to university. He _________ study law.
2.“The box is too heavy.”
“ Yes. Be careful or it ______ fall.
3.“The boy is climbing a tree. That’s dangerous.”
“Oh! He _______ fall.
4.“What time does the train get to Ankara?”
“Don’t worry. We ________ be there on time.”
5.“I’m hungry. I ________ eat something.”
“I ________ make you a sandwitch.”
6.“The man has taken out a gun.”
“Oh no! He __________ shoot.”
7.“I’m late for work.”
“Wait. I _________ give you a lift.”
8.“Can you prepare a speech for Thursday?”
“No, I’m sorry. We _________ have a test on Thursday.”
9.“What are you buying?”
“Paint. I _________ paint my bedroom.”
F-Jumbled Sentences(5*2=10)

The following words in brackets – -are out of order. Put the words in the right order to make 1st Conditional Sentences:

______________________________ ______________________________ ____________________________

______________________________ ______________________________ ____________________________

______________________________ ______________________________ ____________________________

______________________________ ______________________________ ____________________________


______________________________ ______________________________ ____________________________

G-Underline the correct one(5*2=10)

1.Jane: Oh, Mary! You look very slim.

Mary: I have been/ gone to the fitness center.

2.Teacher: Where are the others?

Student: They have been/ gone to the football match.

3.Son: Mum, where are these packets from?

Mother: Oh, I have been/ gone to the market.

4.Kathy: I am looking for Tim. Have you seen him?

Jeremy: Yes, he has been/ gone to Holland

5.Joe: Your car is very clean.
Tom: I have been/ gone to the car wash.

1-The people ………..live in this town are very friendly.
2-The house …………I bought last month is very large and expensive.
3-The students ……….grades are very high will attend university.
4-I don2t like people……..ask personal questions.
5-The woman ……….I saw in the park was caught stealing Money from a shop.
6-My mother didn2t like the house…………was small and comfortable.
7-I don’t know the girl……….father died in an accident.
8-Athens is the city ……..the first modern Olympic Gamestook place.
9-1492 was the year ……..Columbus discovered America.
10-The rabbit is an animal………only eats plants and vegetables.


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