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12.Sınıf İngilizce 2.Dönem 3.Yazılı Soruları

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Bu sayfamızda 12.Sınıf İngilizce 2.Dönem 3.Yazılı Sorularını bulabilirsiniz.


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1. Sheila lives in a flat on the first ……. .
a) ground   b) floor   c) basement      d) roof

2. She …….. the floor. It’s clean now.
a) has cleaned   b) is cleaning      c) has been cleaned   d) had cleaned

3.Our new blind ………. the window.
a) isn’t fit   b) fit      c) doesn’t fit      d) isn’t being fit

4.In their wedding reception, there were lots of ………… .
a) spectators      b) witnesses      c) guests         d) audiences

5. This building is the most modern ………… all.
a) in       b) off      c) from      d) of

6. This flat is ……… bigger than the one we saw yesterday.
a) more    b) little   c) much      d) few

7. They love living in a ……… in the country.
a) cottage   b) semi-detached      c) detached      d) skyscraper

8. Her mother told her ……..
make a wish and blow the candles.
to make a wish and blow the candles.
make a wish and to blow the candles.
That she make a wish and blow the candles.

When I was going downtown, I ……. my landlord.
a) came into    b) came across   c) came off      d) came round

9. The Acar’s bungalow is ……. than our new bungalow.
a) many comfortable   b) much comfortable
c) less comfortable      d) little comfortable

10.The Brooks spent …….. as the Blacks.
a) such      b) much      c) as such      d) as much

11.On a menu baklava is seen as a …… .
a) starter       b) dessert      c) desert      d) main course

12. Hamburger and chips can be considered as …….. .
a) healthy food   b) exotic food   c) junk food      d) fatty food

13. In coffee houses, tea is served extremely hot and strong in tiny tulip shaped glasses accompanied by ……. .
a) two cube of sugar      b) two cubes of sugar
c) a spoon of sugar      d) a bar of chocolate

14. During the Ramadan Festival and the Feast of Sacrifice, it is a …….. to give money to children.
a) engagement   b) tradition      c) reception      d) celebrate

15. My parents let me ……. ice-cream twice a day.
a) to have       b) having      c) have      d) had

16 .We can’ t make a cake. There is ……… sugar left.
a) a few      b) a little      c) a lot      d) much

17 .Rice is eaten with chopsticks in ……… cuisine.
a) French      b) Chinese      c) Italian      d) Greek

18. It was a nice and lively town with 3000 ……… .
a) inhabitants   b) slums      c) facilities      d) residence

19. Which word means “giving a lot of time and energy to something”.
a) noble      b) undertaking   c) prosperous   d) dedication

20. Houses ……. in a way that fits the climate of the areas.
a) built      b) build      c) are built      d) are building

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